York Elite Current Black Belts

Rob McCartney  5th Dan   Connor Dunckley 2nd Dan
    Rosa Kerr 2nd Dan
INSTRUCTORS   Cayleigh McCartney 2nd Dan
Niall McCreanor 2nd Dan   Sam Blundell 2nd Dan
Brian Woods 2nd Dan   Eleanor Poels 2nd Dan
Ian Seavers 1st Dan   Constantino Alvarez Odell 2nd Dan
Harry Cuddy 1st Dan   Abbie Seavers 1st Dan
      Anthony Coatesworth 1st Dan
      Julia Coatesworth 1st Dan
      James McNichol 1st Dan
      Matthew McCreanor 1st Dan
      Owen Dunckley 1st Dan
      Mick Smith 1st Dan
      Terrance Van Wyk 1st Dan
 2019 England Squad Members   Eleanor Blundell 1st Dan
Sam Blundell 2nd Dan  

Matthew Coatesworth

1st Dan
Constantino Alvarez Odell  2nd Dan    Mark Grayson 1st Dan
      Ben Taylor 1st Dan
      Tom Fynn 1st Dan
      Ebba Ehrling Sjogren 1st Dan
      Grace Kerr 1st Dan
      Arthur Sharpe 1st Dan
      Esme Sharpe 1st Dan
      Matthew Poels 1st Dan
      Chris Power 1st Dan
      John Sharpe 1st Dan
      Scott Samuels 1st Dan
      Dominic Dawson 1st Dan

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