York Elite Shotokan Karate at the KUGB Nationals 2012

On Saturday 5th May 2012 we took a full squad of 22 competitors to the KUGB’s 46th National Championships at the NIA in Birmingham. Our squad for a number of reasons was smaller than previous years and this seemed to be the order of the day with entries down to around 700; that said it was still a very large competition and the “missing” entries were not from the talented end of the spectrum.

The squad was very well supported by a loud contingent of family and friends in the audience and by Senseis Simon Crowther, Jayne Drysdale and Rob McCartney acting as club coaches on the day. Once again the squad did themselves very proud with everyone getting past the first round. Worthy of note are Carly and James who drew each other in the round before the quarter finals where Carly piped James on a split decision but unfortunately she then lost to the eventual second place winner in the quarter final. Paddy Beer fought like he had too many blue smarties and was narrowly beaten in the quarter finals. Our junior National Squad members also did themselves proud getting through a number of rounds before being defeated by the eventual medal winners. All of these fights could have gone either way just on the day they went the wrong way for us. Bring on the National Youth Championships and the Shotokan Cup later in the year!


This year we entered two Junior Kata teams this year both doing well and our team of Oliver Lines, Olivia O’Hara and Luke Burnett just lost out on the cut to the finals by 0.2! Our Senior Male Kumite team this year had a lot to live up to in that last year’s team made it to the quater finals before being beaten by Sendai. This year the team was made up of Jason, Fraser and Ryan aged 16 – 17, so a lot of pressure on the lads fighting much older and in some cases more experienced fighters. That said our boys did us proud getting through 3 rounds before narrowly losing to Sendai again! This time the order of play was that we lost the first fight by half point then the second by a disqualification where the decision was either a DQ or an ippon which was a pity as Ryan made easy work of his fight winning effortlessly. Again bring on the rest of the competitions as our lads will go from strength to strength.


However our two stars of the day were Sammi King in the Junior Ladies Kumite and Joseph Lines in the Boys Kumite. Both fought valiantly through to the finals where they both took 2nd place. It was the first year in each of their respective categories and hope to win going forward as the older competitors move up. Well done Sammi and Joseph!

Sammi King of York Elite Shotokan Karate Club     Joseph Lines of York Elite Shotokan Karate Club

The Squad was made up of a mix of juniors, seniors and children as was as follows:

Juniors/ Seniors; Ryan Stead (2nd Dan), Fraser Grice (2nd Dan), Jason Crowther (2nd Dan), Sammi King (2nd Dan), Chris Grice (1st Dan), Dean Sparrow (1st Kyu) and Jule Templin (2nd Kyu)

Children; Thomas Crowther (1st Dan), Joseph lines (1st Dan), Cayleigh McCartney (1st Dan), Emily Drysdale (1st Dan), James McNichol (1st Kyu), Jordan O’Hara (1st Kyu), Paddy Beer (1st Kyu), Oliver Lines (1st Kyu), Sam Blundell (1st Kyu), Cei Reynolds (1st Kyu), Cameron Pringle (1st Kyu), Carly Pringle (2nd Kyu), Kade Reynolds (3rd Kyu) Olivia O’Hara (3rd Kyu)and Luke Burnett (5th Kyu).

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