Today we welcomed back Sensei Garry Harford 8th Dan KUGB to York Elite. The morning class was a truly outstanding session for 1st Kyu's and Dan Grades focussing on perfecting the technical aspects of core kicking techniques (mae geri, yoko geri and mawashi geri) and hand techniques for use in kumite. Sensei Harford also covered the detail of the advanced kata Nijushiho for the Dan Grades and Bassai Dai for the 1st Kyus.

In the afternoon Sensei Harford held a training class for all kyus grades, 25 of whom (including some from our friends at Leeds Shotokan Karate Club) then took part in grading.

Congratulations to the following York Elite Club Members who were all successful in gaining their next belt:
9th Kyu - Kevyn Alvarez Odell, Carol Odell
8th Kyu - Freya Spall, Grace Waite, Eesa Shaya
6th Kyu - Leona Harvey, Sarah Salt, Carolina Odell
5th Kyu - Natalie Mellish
4th Kyu - Paul Mellish, Tommy Power, Carlos Odell, Chandler Walsh
3rd Kyu - Henry Leites
2nd Kyu - Amina Semic, Caroline Poels
1st Kyu - Linda Dawson, Sharon Harrison, Chris Power, John Sharpe, Tarik Semic
As usual we'd like to say thanks to Sensei Harford for another insprational day and we look forward to welcoming him back to York Elite in the near future.
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