On Sunday 18th December we welcomed back Sensei John Holdsworth and Sensei Julie Nicholson for our last special training and grading session of the year. The Senior Grades were treated to a masterclass in Kumite technique before grading for our Kyu Grades.

We'd like to thank both our guest instructors for what was a great days training and say congratulations to the following karate-ka who all successfully passed their Kyu Grade Gradings.

9th Kyu:- Freya Spall, Eesa Shayah, Logan Stanhope, Nicholas Mouldering, Will Jettison, Leila Cairns
7th Kyu:- Sarah Salt, Leona Harvey 
6th Kyu:- Natalie Mellish, Ibraheem Hadrami
5th Kyu:- Paul Mellish, Nakeisha Espina, Clementine Ensor, Tommy Power, Chandler Walsh, Idris Hadrami
3rd Kyu:- Amina Semic, Caroline Poels 
2nd Kyu:- Tarik Semic, Linda Dawson, Sharon Harrison, Chris Power, John Sharpe 
1st Kyu:- Oliver Arnold, Arthur Sharpe, Mia Spall, Jocelyn Leites, Esme Sharpe, Grace Kerr, Rachel Poels, Matthew Poels, Isla Cordes

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Senior Class copy

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