We had another sensational day today with Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan KUGB at York Elite. In the morning Sensei Brennan took an intense class for the Senior Grades focussing on good technique, strong body movement and correct form in the kihon basics and kumite combinations. Sensei Brennan then moved on to the related group of katas Jion, Jitte and Jiin (all of which start with the same kamae of the left hand covering the right) proving expert tuition on each.

In the afternoon Sensei Brennan held a training class for all Kyu Grades before grading 34 of our students. We'd like to thank Sensei Brennan for another inspirational day and we look forward to welcoming him back to York Elite in the near future.

Congratulations to the folowing karateka who achieved their next grades:

1st Kyu:- Tom Fynn, Maia Leites

2nd Kyu - Grace Kerr, Isabelle Marron, Esme Sharpe

3rd Kyu - Oliver Arnold, Daniel Crabtree, Suzanne Greening, Lucy Heslop, Tarik Semic, Arthur Sharpe, Mia Spall

4th Kyu - Linda Dawson, Finley Ensor, Sharon Harrison, Joe Heslop, Victoria Howard, Lily Johnson, Henry Leites, Chris Power, Amina Semic, John Sharpe

5th Kyu - Carlos Odell, Caroline Poels

6th Kyu - Clementine Ensor, Sadie Heslop, Chandler Walsh

7th Kyu - Matthew Bunter, Eliza Hutchinson, Lisa Hutchinson, Paul Mellish, Carolina Odell

8th Kyu - Fabiola Martin, Natalie Mellish

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