On Sunday 20th December 2015 we welcomed back Sensei John Holdsworth 6th Dan KUGB and Sensei Julie Nicholson 6th Dan for our end of year grading and training. In the morning there was a special training class for our Dan Grades and 1st Kyus which concentrated on the Dan Grading Syllabus including detailed execution and application of the advanced Dan Grade Kata Meikyo.

After lunch there was a training class for our Kyu Grades before the afternoon's grading began. We are delighted that the following karateka achieved their next grades:

9th Kyu - Matthew Bunter, Lisa Hutchinson, Paul Mellish, Carolina Odell

8th Kyu - Sophie Didier, Eliza Hutchinson, Chandler Walsh

7th Kyu - Clementine Ensor, Nakeisha Espina, Ibraheem Hadrami, Carlos Odell, Caroline Poels

6th Kyu - Idris Hadrami, Joe Heslop, Chris Power, Amina Semic, John Sharpe

5th Kyu - Oliver Arnold, Daniel Crabtree, Linda Dawson, Finley Ensor, Suzanne Greening, Sharon Harrison, Lucy Heslop, Henry Leites, Tarik Semic, Arthus Sharpe, Mia Spall

4th Kyu - Toby Holliday, Isabelle Marron, Esme Sharpe

3rd Kyu - Grace Kerr, Jocelin Leites, Maia Leites, Rachel Poels

1st Kyu - Charlie Hutchinson

Congratulations to everyone who graded. Sensei Holdsworth also commented on the great attitude of all our members and the quality of the karate on display.

As ever we are hugely gratefull to both Senseis for their time and their exceptional coaching for both the senior and junior classes. We look forward to their next visit (which hopefully will be a bit sooner than Christmas 2016!).

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