Today we welcomed back Sensei Garry Harford 8th Dan KUGB to York Elite. Sensei Harford started the day with an inspirational class for Dan Grades and 1st Kyus. The 2 hour morning class was challenging and full of technical detail working on all aspects of karate - kihon, kata and kumite with a masterclass on Meikyo for Dan Grades and Bassai Dai for 1st Kyus thrown in for good measure.

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After a short break, Sensei Harford then took a training class for our Kyu Grade students before grading 29 of our students. Sensei Harford commented on how pleased he was with the improvement in a number of students and in particular the general attitude and focus in both training and grading.

Thanks from all at York Elite to Sensei Harford for a great day and congratulations to the following karate-ka for passing their grading:

9th Kyu - Sadie Heslop; Willem Sadler; Chandler Walsh;

8th Kyu - Nakeisha Espina; Carlos Odell; Tommy Power;

7th Kyu - Joe Heslop; Chris Power; Amina Semic; John Sharpe;

6th Kyu - Suzanne Greening; Oliver Arnold; Daniel Crabtree; Linda Dawson; Sharon Harrison; Lucy Heslop; Tarik Semic; Arthur Sharpe; Mia Spall;

5th Kyu - Aaron Clements; Isabelle Marron; Esme Sharpe;

4th Kyu - Grace Kerr; Maia Leites;

3rd Kyu - Isla Cordes;

2nd Kyu - Nathaniel Clements; Cai Jackson;

1st Kyu - John Dawson and Mark Grayson.

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