Training and Grading with Sensei Brennan 14th June 2015

On Sunday 14th June 2015 we had a special training class for senior grades followed by grading for Kyu Grades with Sensei Frank Brennan 8th Dan KUGB. It was a great day all round and we're very grateful to Sensei Brennan for his time and the level of teaching. The Senior Class in particular was very intense working on form, technique, speed and power and everyone who attended commented on the excellence of the class.

Congratulation to everyone who graded in the kyu grade examinations: Eliza Hutchinson, Nakeisha Espina, Siena Mark, Chris Power, John Sharpe, Tommy Power, Carlos Odell, Jenny Fell, Amina Semic, Daniel Crabtree, Suzanne Greening, Lucy Heslop, Arthur Sharpe, Mia Spall, Oliver Arnold, Linda Dawson, Sharon Harrison, Tarik Semic, Finley Ensor, Isabelle Marron, Esme Sharpe, Henry Leites, Maia Leites, Toby Holliday, Aasiyah Surve, Grace Kerr, Jocelin Leites, Charlie Hutchinson, Sophie Fowler, and Mark Grayson.

We look forward to welcoming Sensei Brennan back to the dojo soon.

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