On Sunday 14th December we had another great and innovative senior grade class from Sensei Holdsworth and Sensei Nicholson focussing on form and technique for Dan Grading. This was followed by training and grading for 45 of our Kyu Grades who all performed extremely well.

We were especially pleased that a number of our students managed to get rid of previous temporary grades achieving full passes this time around showing the progress they have made through training hard in the last few months. Keep up the good work! Special congratulations also go to Isabelle and Esme who double graded to 8th Kyu. The full results are:

9th Kyu - Oliver Arnold, Annaix Boshoff, Linda Dawson, Clementine Ensor, Ibraheem Hadrami, Sharon Harrison, Joe Heslop, Sajid Osman, Soheil Osman, Caroline Poels, Tarik Semic

8th Kyu - Finley Ensor, Idris Hadrami, Isabelle Marron, Esme Sharpe

7th Kyu - Toby Holliday, Kathryn Kerr, Henry Leites, Maia Leites, William Lightfoot

6th Kyu - Cieran Hallam, Grace Kerr, Jocelin Leites, Freddie Lightfoot, Elissia Steenson, Aasiyah Surve

4th Kyu - Jake Buckton, Nathaniel Clements, Cai Jackson, Rachel Poels

3rd Kyu - Sophie Fowler, Mark Grayson, Charlie Hutchinson, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner

2nd Kyu - Joshue Dagwell, Hugh Fowler, Thomas Howell, Attila Rejto

1st Kyu - Ellie Blundell, Dominic Dawson, John Dawson, Charlotte Lines, Constantino Odell, Eleanor Poels

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