On Sunday 21st September 2014 we had another great class for a small but enthusiastic number of our Senior Grades from Sensei Garry Harford. Concentrating on basics from the Dan Grade syllabus, Sensei Harford treated us to another masterclass. For those members who missed the class, you missed a treat!

The class was followed by a training and grading for 31 of our Kyu Grades. The standard on display was excellent and Sensei McCartney made a point of congratulating everyone who graded on their attitude, focus, respect and the overall etiquette shown throughout the day saying "this is the best grading class I've seen in many years for the attitude shown".

Congratulations to the following Karateka who have progressed onto their next grade: Finley Ensor, Idris Hadrami, Toby Holliday, Maia Leites, Henry Leites, Edward Nussey-Waite, Aaron Clements, Cieran Hallam, Jocelin Leites, Freddie Lightfoot, Lorien Lightfoot, Elissia Steenson, Aasiyah Surve, Jake Buckton, Nathaniel Clements, Isla Cordes, Cai Jackson, Rachel Poels, Dave White, Sophie Fowler, Mark Grayson, Charlie Hutchinson, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner, High Fowler, Thomas Howell, Matthew Poels, Ellie Blundell, Dominic Dawson, John Dawson and Eleanor Poels.

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