On Sunday 08th June 2014 we once again welcomed Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan KUGB to York Elite. 

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The day started with two classes for Senior Grades which included friends from Ronin and Red Triangle who we were delighted could join us. Sensei Brennan worked through various Kihon techniques with incredibly precise, dynamic and strong techniques focusing on speed and kime. Working with partners we then applied these techniques in variations of Jyu Ippon Kumite. Sensei Brennan finished each session with a short kata masterclass.

After a short break Sensei Brennan then held a training class for our Kyu Grades followed by a grading for 40 of our students. Sensei Brennan emphasised the need for good form and a need for students to apply themselves to study their karate in order to progress and improve.

Congratulations on successful Kyu Grade training and grading go to:

Toby Holliday, Maia Leites, Freddie Turner, Cieran Hallam, Kathryn Kerr, Henry Leites, Jocelin Leites, Freddie Lightfoot, Lorien Lightfoot, William Lightfoot, Elissia Steenson, Aasiyah Surve, Sapphire Trepel, Grace Kerr,  Ruby Mason, Gaudi Trepel, Bryn Wade, Daniel White, Jake Buckton, Cai Jackson, Dave White, Max Fentiman, Sophie Fowler, Daniel Glover, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner, Niamh Clements, Hugh Fowler, Thomas Howell, Jack Nelson, Ben Wedge, Ellie Blundell, Dominic Dawson, John Dawson, Eleanor Poels, Matthew Poels, Aaron Clements, Charlotte Lines, Constantino Odell and James Tattersall.

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Once again we were delighted to host Sensei Brennan for the day and want to extend our deep appreciation for his time and a great days training. We are already looking forward to his next visit.



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