On Friday 10th January we held our Annual Awards Party to celebrate the fantastic year we had over the last 12 months as a club and to recognise some great achievements from our members.

The evening started with a speedquiz event (rapidly becoming a regular feature) which required a broad range of knowledge covering karate, kids TV, general knowledge and the ability to recognise some of the instructors when they were a lot younger! With the lead changing a number of times the quiz was finally won by Team Van Wyk (despite being less than half the size of some of the other teams!) so congrats to Mauby, Terence and family.

The main event of the evening was the handing out of the awards and certificates. Special mention should go to our two England Competitors who were presented with awards in special recognition of their performances on national and international stages including the European and World Championships over the last year. With regional, national and international success for many of our karate-ka it was a year to remember with the main awards listed below :

  • U-12 competitor of the Year - Connor Dunckley
  • 12 and over Competitor of the Year - Rosa Kerr
  • Bushido Award Junior Grades - Jack Nelson
  • Bushido Award Senior Grades - Carly Pringle
  • Karateka of the Year - Cayleigh McCartney
  • Special Recognition Award - Sammi King
  • Special Recognition Awards - Fraser Grice

Congrats to all award winners and those who got certficates and special thanks to all of the friends and family who put so much effort into supporting our members over the year. Your contribution to the club's success is really appreciated.

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