We welcomed Senseis John Holdsworth 6th Dan and Sensei Julie Nicholson 6th Dan to York Elite on Sunday 15th December. The day started with a special training class for 2 hours for 1st Kyus and Dan Grades. The class focussed on Kata basics picking up on the detail needed to advance in competition and finished with kumite drills. The quality of instruction and the detail of the techniques on display was fantastic and greatly appreciated by our Senior Grades.

After a short break Senseis held an extended training session for our Kyu Grades followed by grading examination for 45 York Elite Members. Congratulations to everyone who graded and, while there is plenty to work on(!), there were some fantastic performances notably from Kaspar Lakin, Dylan Higson and Dave White who each progressed by two grades due to their strong performances.

We'd like to extend our thanks and grateful appreciation to Sensei Holdsworth and Sensei Nicholson for a superb day and look forward to welcoming them back to York Elite in the near future.

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