On Sunday we welcomed Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan KUGB to York Elite. There had been a lot of excitement and anticipation leading up to the day and Sensei Brennan did not disappoint with a truly inspiring demonstration of Karate.

We started the day with a Senior class for Dan Grades and 1st Kyu Adults which included friends from clubs in Leeds and Selby (and Liverpool!). Sensei Brennan worked through a series of blocks, kicks and punches in various combinations with incredibly precise, dynamic and strong techniques focusing on speed and kime. Working with partners we then applied these techniques in Jyu Kumite. Sensei Brennan finished this session with a short masterclass on Bassai Sho.

The next class was for the under 14 Dan Grades and 1st Kyus who were treated to the same level of intensity working through their basics and kumite focusing on speed, technique and good attitude. Sensei Brennan concluded this class with another kata masterclass this time on Jion and Bassai Dai for the 1st Kyus. 

After a short break Sensei Brennan then held a training class for Kyu Grades followed by a grading for 40 students. Despite many of the students being quite young and a little in awe of the day, Sensei Brennan displayed a mastery of explaining the correct technique to all levels commanding respect from every karate-ka in the class. Congratulations on successful Kyu Grade training and grading go to:

Nathaniel Clements, Paul Driscoll, Daniel Glover, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner, Ruby Mason, Fay Osswald, Isobel Shoffren, Gaudi Trepel, Bryn Wade, Philip Dawson, Nicole Dransfield, Sophie Fowler, Thomas Howell, Jack Nelson, Abbie Samuels, Ellie Blundell, Dominic Dawson, John Dawson, Sue Driscoll, Hugh Fowler, Eleanor Poels, Matthew Poels, Rachel Poels, Giuseppe Reynolds, Fabiola Rimkuss, Niamh Clements, Joshua Dagwell, Aleksander Lazarov, Daniel Maltby, Madoc Wade, Ben Wedge, Charlotte Lines, Ruth Reynolds, Aaron Clements, Peter Lazarov, James Tattersall, Marcus Burgess, Harvey Morrison, Gabi Sanderson

We were thrilled to host Sensei Brennan for the day and feedback from everyone who attended, karate-ka and friends and parents alike, has been superb. We look forward to his next visit and want to extend our thanks and appreciation for a fantastic day. Oss Sensei!

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