Special Course with Sensei's John Holdsworth 6th Dan KUGB and Julie Nicholson 6th Dan KUGB

On Sunday 10th February we welcomed back Sensei's John Holdsworth and Julie Nicholson to York Elite. Senseis were also joined by members of their home club Ronin Washington SKC based in Tyne and Wear who assisted in the instruction of the morning junior class. As usual the quality of instruction was first rate with Sensei Nicholson demonstrating a number of kata for all grades and notably Kata Meikyo (also known as Rohai) for the Dan Grades. Meikyo translates as "bright mirror", "mirror of the soul". Sensei Holdsworth covered a variety of kumite techniques and included an explanation of some of the bunkai for Meikyo.

York Elite would like to extend their thanks again to the Sensei's and to their club members Christine and Steve for an excellent days trainging and  we hope to see them back to the dojo soon.

Some pictures from the class below:

J-J Feb 13 01

J-J Feb 13 03

J-J Feb 13 04

J-J Feb 13 02

J-J Feb 13 05

Is it a bird or is it a plane........?

No, it's Sensei Nicholson demonstrating Sankaku-tobi (triangle jump) in Kata Meikyo.

J-J Feb 13 06



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