York Elite were delighted to welcome Special Guest Instructors Sensei John Bruce, 4th Dan KUGB, and the current KUGB National Grand Champion Sensei Holly Sterling, 3rd Dan KUGB on Sunday 02nd December. Senseis Bruce and Sterling held a class for the junior belts in the morning focusing on basic techniques including stances as well as working on their Heian Kata. They then held an advanced class for 1st Kyu and Dan Grades again focusing on the technical aspects of stances and movement for the katas Heian Nidan and Bassai Dai, before moving onto more dynamic techniques to build up more explosive kumite combinations.

We were all greatly impressed with the quality of the karate instruction and the precision and form demonstrated by the visiting Instructors; it's easy to see why they have gained national and international honours in Karate competition! On behalf of all the members we'd like to extend our sincere thanks to Sensei Bruce and Sensei Sterling for an excellent days training and we look forward to welcoming them back to York Elite in the near future.

Senseis John Bruce and Holly Sterling with a selection of members from the Junior and Senior Classes

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......... and Heian Nidan

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