Jule Templin of York Elite Shotokan Karate

On Sunday 29th April 2012 we sent a small band of warriors across the border to take on all comers from all over the UK. There were over 300 entries from across the country and the standard was pretty high, in fact some Dan grades would have struggled in some of the matches.

Our squad consisted of Niall McCreanor (1st Kyu), Andrew Coatesworth (1st Kyu), Dean Sparrow (1st Kyu), Julia Coatesworth (1st Kyu), Cei Reynolds (1st Kyu), Jule Templin (2nd Kyu) and Kade Reynolds (3rd Kyu). The squad was ably supported by Ruth Reynolds (who due to a recent shoulder op was not able to compete) and Rob McCartney who was there in an official capacity as one of the Referees on the day.

Hopes were high on the day for a successful outing particularly for the Senior Male Team, however following a “doggy curry” and the onset of the “Bombay splats” one of the team was not able to stray too far from a certain little room in the sports centre and had to withdraw. A second team member fought valiantly in the individuals only to sustain an injury in the quarter finals to his ankle and also had to withdraw resulting in a team withdrawal (boo!)

In the senior kumite both Andrew and Dean fought very well, Andy having to retire from his quarter final fight with an injury and Dean unfortunately lost is first fight to one of the eventual medal winners after 2 extensions. Our junior members also did very well getting through a few rounds each with Julia getting to the Quarter finals in her Kata event losing out to the overall winner.

But the highlight of the day was our wonderful Jule (at only 16 years old) came second in the Senior Ladies Kumite and won the Senior Ladies Kumite!

York Shotokan Karate Club

Sensei John Holdsworth 6th Dan & Sensei Julie Nicholson 6th Dan

On Sunday 11th March 2012 we hosted a technical seminar/ training course for senior grades at the York Elite Dojo. This course was attended by over 20 black belts and nearly as many 1st Kyus (brown & double white) belts as well. The course was open to all and a number of other clubs in the area sent some of their students along. The course was split over the two floors and the first session saw Sensei John Holdsworth instruct the Black Belts downstairs while Sensei Julie Nicholson taught the Brown belts upstairs. In the second session both Senseis switched round to teach the other classes.


York Karate Clubs

On Saturday the 10th March 2012 York Elite Karate club took a fairly young squad of 27 competitors (the oldest having just turned 20) across to the North West Open Karate Championships in Atherton (north west of Manchester).  The squad was supported by Senseis Simon & Jane Crowther Jayne Drysdale as club coaches and Sensei Rob McCartney as a referee not to mention the friends and family of many. It was a long day with 19 different categories in which we entered 13.


KUGB Grandslam in Chesterfield

Saturday 25th February 2012 saw the first of the KUGB Grandslam events. This event is held for members of the England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales Kumite and Kata squad. The day starts with the traditional squad training, followed by the competition. Four members of York Elite who are on the England National Junior Squad entered the event and three of them took places. Ryan Stead 3rd place in the 16-17 year male kumite, Jason Crowther 3rd place in the 14-15 year male kumite and Sammy King 3rd place in the 14-18 year female kumite. Well done!!!


Congratulations to Anthony Coatesworth, Harvey Hunter, Jacob Smith and Sam Wallace for passing their Shodan (1st Dan) Blackbelt. Sammi King also passed her Nidan (2nd Dan) Blackbelt. The grading was held in Chesterfield on Sunday 5th February 2012 with examiners Sensei Andy Sherry (8th Dan) and Sensei Frank Brennan (7th Dan). York Elite now has 32 regularly training Blackbelts.

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