On 09th September we welcomed Sensei Garry Harford 7th Dan KUGB to York Elite. Sensei Harford took two training courses for our 1st Kyu and Dan Grades in the morning which as usual were a superb mix of technical elements, aimed at honing the basics, and the dynamic application of kumite techniques.

 Sensei Harford demonstrating Heian Godan to the 1st Kyu Class

 Sensei Harford Godan

Sensei with Dan Grades after morning training

Sensei Harford Dan Class

Sensei then held grading examininations for around 20 of our Kyu Grade Karate-Ka who had all trained hard over the summer months. Congratulations to the following karate-ka who passed their grades on the day: George Bolton; Marcus Burgess; Luke Burnett; Aaron Clements; Niamh Clements; Joshua Dagwell; Charlie Hutchinson; Peter Lazarov; Aleksander Lazarov; Charlotte Lines; Daniel Maltby; Daniel Mercer; Harvey Morrison; Joe North; Olivia O'Hara; Callum Rodgers; Terence Van Wyk; Ben Wedge; Jed Weston and Brian Woods.

 Sensei with the successful Kyu Grades

Sensei Harford Kyu Class

We look forward to welcoming Sensei Harford back on 09th December 2012 for our next grading.

The 32nd Karate Summer School took place at Lancaster University from the 6th to the 10th of August. The course included students from all over the UK and Ireland together with countries from as far afield as Nigeria and France. York Elite Karate were well represented with 8 of our junior karate-ka attending

The Instructors, Andy Sherry, Terry O'Neill, Bob Poynton, Bob Rhodes, Billy Higgins and Frank Brennan divided the students into groups depending on grade and then taught each class on a rotation basis, covering Kihon, Kata and Kumite as appropriate.

Senseis Ian MacLaren and Ivan Birch conducted some very interesting  seminars on Karate history and physiology respectively; Ian also gave instruction on the use of the Bo to the various classes.

Senseis Sherry and Brennan  provided two extra classes for those students taking Dan gradings in the near future which were very well attended and appreciated.

A superstars competition between the Dan and Kyu grades involving Basketball, Goal Scoring, Sumo, Break Sprints and Tug of War proved to be very popular and was again won by the Dans.

Gradings were held at the end of the course and we are delighted that three of our members gained their Shodan (1st Dan) black belts under the watchful eyes of Sensei Sherry and Sensei Brennan. Huge congratulations go to Matthew McCreanor, Paddy Beer and Sam Blundell pictured below.

 Lancaster Aug 2012


York Elite Shotokan Karate Club at the 3rd Sunderland Karate Championships

On Sunday 1st July we took a full squad of 27 competitors to the Sunderland Karate Championships at the City Space centre at Sunderland University. This competition is aimed at junior members and is now in its’ 3rd year, this year attracting over 160 entries.

The Squad made up of a mix of juniors and children competing in 12 out of the 14 categories and was as follows:

Juniors: Fraser Grice, Jason Crowther, Sammi King and Dean Sparrow

Children: Joseph Lines, Harvey Hunter, Thomas Crowther, Anthony Coatesworth, James McNichol, Cayleigh McCartney, Emily Drysdale, Julia Coatesworth, Jordan O’Hara, Paddy Beer, Oliver Lines, Sam Blundell, Mackenzie Hunter, Cameron Pringle, Carly Pringle, Olivia O’Hara, Daniel Mercer and Luke Burnett.

The squad was very well supported by a loud contingent of family and friends in the audience and by Senseis Simon Crowther, Jayne Drysdale and Jane Crowther acting as club coaches on the day. Rob McCartney was there in an official capacity as one of the senior referees. Once again the squad did themselves very proud with most getting past the first round and roughly a third getting to the quarter finals in their categories.


York Elite Shotokan Karate Club training with Sensei Frank Brennan

On Sunday 10th June we welcomed Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan KUGB to York Elite Dojo. Over the course of the day Sensei Brennan, one of the most respected Karate-Ka in world Karate, held two training courses for black belts and senior brown belts as well as two training courses and grading examinations for 55 of our junior members.  Such is the reputation held by Sensei Brennan that we had the pleasure of also welcoming members form a number of other clubs (including as far away as Liverpool) to the dojo. Including our guests, the senior grades training sessions were attended by over 65 Dan Grades and 1st Kyu's, many of whom commented on the quality of the training and their enjoyment of the day.

In addition to the training and grading, the highlight  for many was the formal opening of the York Elite Dojo by Sensei Brennan (see picture below). The feedback from members and guests alike on the facilities and the training sessions held on the day was excellent. We would like to extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Sensei Brennan for his time and the quality of his training throughout the day and we look forward to welcoming him back to the Dojo in the near future. – Osu.

York Elite Shotokan Karate at the KUGB Nationals 2012

On Saturday 5th May 2012 we took a full squad of 22 competitors to the KUGB’s 46th National Championships at the NIA in Birmingham. Our squad for a number of reasons was smaller than previous years and this seemed to be the order of the day with entries down to around 700; that said it was still a very large competition and the “missing” entries were not from the talented end of the spectrum.

The squad was very well supported by a loud contingent of family and friends in the audience and by Senseis Simon Crowther, Jayne Drysdale and Rob McCartney acting as club coaches on the day. Once again the squad did themselves very proud with everyone getting past the first round. Worthy of note are Carly and James who drew each other in the round before the quarter finals where Carly piped James on a split decision but unfortunately she then lost to the eventual second place winner in the quarter final. Paddy Beer fought like he had too many blue smarties and was narrowly beaten in the quarter finals. Our junior National Squad members also did themselves proud getting through a number of rounds before being defeated by the eventual medal winners. All of these fights could have gone either way just on the day they went the wrong way for us. Bring on the National Youth Championships and the Shotokan Cup later in the year!



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