On Sunday 16th December we welcomed Sensei Garry Harford, 7th Dan KUGB, back to York Elite. Sensei Harford took two training classes in the morning, the first for Senior Dan Grades focusing on the Kata Gojushiho Sho. As ever Sensei Harford's eye for detail and demonstration of the advanced techniques required to perform this Kata were impressive. The second class took our Junior Dan Grades and 1st Kyu through their paces incluidng working on the Katas Empi and Bassai Dai.

Sensei Harford followed these classes with a training session for our York Elite Kyu Grades preparing them for their grading examination in the afternoon. Congratulations to all of the Kyu Grades who passed their grading and are listed below. We'd like to extend our thanks again to Sensei Harford for a fantastic days training and we look forward to welcoming him back to York Elite in the near future.

1st Kyu passes: Daniel Mercer, Olivia O'Hara, Jed Weston

2nd Kyu passes: Luke Burnett, Matthew Coatesworth, Ben Cordes, Daniel Cordes

4th Kyu passes: Gaby Sanderson

5th Kyu passes: Marcus Burgess, Aaron Clements, Harvey Morrison

6th Kyu passes: Peter Lazarov, James Tattershall

7th Kyu passes: Niamh Clements, Charlotte Lines, Ben Wedge

8th Kyu passes: Isla Cordes, Joshua Dagwell, Alex Lazarov, James Leigh, Daniel Maltby

9th Kyu passes: Ellie Blundell, John Dawson, Dominic Dawson, Hugh Fowler, Isaac Kelly, Rachael Poels, Matthew Poels, Eleanor Poels

Grading Seniors 161212Grading Junior Dans 161212Grading 161212

Fraser Grice competed at the ESKA Championships in Belgrade Serbia over the weekend of 07-09 December 2012 and has won an incredible silver medal with the England Cadet Kumite Team. We're all hugely proud of Fraser's success and are sure there's much more to come. A couple of pictures from the Championships are shown below. More info can be found on the KUGB Facebook pages http://www.facebook.com/KarateUnionOfGreatBritain?fref=t 

Fraser ESKA 1Fraser ESKA 2

DSC 0001

DSC 0003









York Elite were delighted to welcome Special Guest Instructors Sensei John Bruce, 4th Dan KUGB, and the current KUGB National Grand Champion Sensei Holly Sterling, 3rd Dan KUGB on Sunday 02nd December. Senseis Bruce and Sterling held a class for the junior belts in the morning focusing on basic techniques including stances as well as working on their Heian Kata. They then held an advanced class for 1st Kyu and Dan Grades again focusing on the technical aspects of stances and movement for the katas Heian Nidan and Bassai Dai, before moving onto more dynamic techniques to build up more explosive kumite combinations.

We were all greatly impressed with the quality of the karate instruction and the precision and form demonstrated by the visiting Instructors; it's easy to see why they have gained national and international honours in Karate competition! On behalf of all the members we'd like to extend our sincere thanks to Sensei Bruce and Sensei Sterling for an excellent days training and we look forward to welcoming them back to York Elite in the near future.

Senseis John Bruce and Holly Sterling with a selection of members from the Junior and Senior Classes

P1020622 copy

P1020648 copy

......... and Heian Nidan

 P1020627 copy

The Japan Karate Shotorenmei (JKS) Open Championships were held on Sunday 25th November at the Wildcats Arena in Nottingham. The Open Champioships allows Karate-Ka from different Shotokan Karate Associations to test themselves against one another and several cool cats of our own made the trip. Congratulations to the medal winners below who once again did themselves and York Elite proud at a national level.

Jason Crowther - 3rd place Senior Male Kumite

Sammi King - 2nd Place Female Kumite

Emily Drysdale - 3rd Place Girls Kumite

Jason pictured below with his medal:


The KUGB National Students Championships were held on Saturday 17th November at the Queen's Park Leisure Centre in Chesterfield. We are delighted that Jason Crowther achieved bronze medals in both the mens black belt kumite and kata categories..... Rumour has it he wanted to enter a one man team as well and no doubt would have medalled if he'd been allowed! Huge congrats go to Jason from all at the club.

Jason with his medals - apologies for the colour but the lighting at Chesterfield is not the best for photos...

Jason KUGB students 1


Jason KUGB students 2


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