On Saturday 2nd March, York Elite took a 20 strong team to the first competition of 2013, the North West Open. The squad consisted of: Fraser Grice, Sammi King, Rosa Kerr, Cayleigh McCartney, Julia and Anthony Coatesworth, Joseph, Oliver and Charlotte Lines, Cameron and Carly Pringle, Connor and Owen Dunckley, Harvey and Mackenzie Hunter, James McNicol, Paddy Beer, Luke Burnett, Sam Blundell and Hugh Fowler.

Hugh and Charlotte were getting their first taste of competition, the rest are seasoned campaigners. The Competition was massively supported, and due to it being an Open competition with karate-ka from different Associations competing some elimination categories had well over 100 entrants (making it a long day for competitors and travelling support!!).

There were many excellent performances from our young team, with most competitors winning early rounds. In kata, Sammi, Owen, Oliver and Carly were particularly good, reaching quarter or semi-final stages. York Elite had 2 teams in the team kata, with team A coming 5th overall. Rosa, Cayleigh and Julia looked very stylish and co-ordinated, for such a new team, and given the Team Kata was competed for by teams of all ages, grades and males and females together it was a superb performance.

As always, the club was very strong in kumite, Paddy, Harvey, Luke and Anthony reached quarter or semi-final stages, with some very strong efforts.

Oliver had a tough contest, and was well known to the medic by the time he reached the final. His attitude and determination to win was an example to us all. Oliver won ‘Boys Kumite age up to 10’, a really well deserved gold.

Connor again had many tough fights to reach the final of ‘Boys kumite 11-15’. The final was a different story! Against an older and bigger boy, Connor put in a magnificent display. He defended against a barrage of kicks and punches. When the first opening came Jodan Gyaku Tsuki (reverse punch to the head) – Wasari (half point). This was repeated, and the final was over. A fantastic gold medal display, and an early contender for the ‘Moment of 2013’ award.

Many congratulations to all competitors, who showed excellent spirit. And a big thank you to the club supporters and coaches who also travelled across to the Competition. As ever your support and encouragement to the team was invaluable and hugely appreciated by everyone at the club.

Connor Oliver

We would like to mention Connor Dunckley and Oliver Lines especially for their fantastic gold medal winning performances in their kumite divisions. Oss.

Special Course with Sensei's John Holdsworth 6th Dan KUGB and Julie Nicholson 6th Dan KUGB

On Sunday 10th February we welcomed back Sensei's John Holdsworth and Julie Nicholson to York Elite. Senseis were also joined by members of their home club Ronin Washington SKC based in Tyne and Wear who assisted in the instruction of the morning junior class. As usual the quality of instruction was first rate with Sensei Nicholson demonstrating a number of kata for all grades and notably Kata Meikyo (also known as Rohai) for the Dan Grades. Meikyo translates as "bright mirror", "mirror of the soul". Sensei Holdsworth covered a variety of kumite techniques and included an explanation of some of the bunkai for Meikyo.

York Elite would like to extend their thanks again to the Sensei's and to their club members Christine and Steve for an excellent days trainging and  we hope to see them back to the dojo soon.

Some pictures from the class below:

J-J Feb 13 01

J-J Feb 13 03

J-J Feb 13 04

J-J Feb 13 02

J-J Feb 13 05

Is it a bird or is it a plane........?

No, it's Sensei Nicholson demonstrating Sankaku-tobi (triangle jump) in Kata Meikyo.

J-J Feb 13 06



Brothers Connor and Owen Dunckley pulled off a remarkable family double at Chesterfield on 03rd February 2013. Under the keen examination of Sensei's Andy Sherry 8th Dan and Frank Brennan 7th Dan, Connor achieved his 2nd Dan (nidan) black belt and Owen his 1st Dan (shodan) black belt, both at the first time of asking! Connor and Owen are amongst the youngest ever to reach these levels in the 47 year history of the KUGB, the UK's largest and most successful Karate Association.

Huge congratulations from all at York Elite to both karateka on their fantastic achievement.

Connor Owen

CU logoYork Elite have been selected as an official Learning Destination for the National Children's University (CU) Scheme. The CU Scheme is aimed at 7 to 14 year olds and it's mission is to help kids find exciting and creative learning activities which they can enjoy and feel proud of their achievements. York Elite provides the ideal environment for children to take part in the scheme through participating in karate training and gradings. 

Currently there are 5 schools engaged with Children's University in York. They are Yearsley Grove, Scarcroft, Carr Junior, Stockton-on-the-Forest and Westfield. Osbaldwick and Derwent Primaries will be joining from September. The scheme is being administered by York Cares who are constantly working with schools, particularly in areas of disadvantage, who they hope will join the passport scheme. From next September they will also be trialing a move to secondary schools. 

Currently children at non-participating schools or home-tutored children are also able to sign up for passports by contacting York Cares either by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone on 01904 323482. CU Passport

Participating Children also get the opportunity to "graduate" at York University once they have attained enough passport stamps. The next Graduation Ceremony is on Wednesday 27th March, 4pm - 6pm at The University of York. This event will see over 50 children from the city graduate with Bronze, Silver or Gold awards depending on the number of hours they've accumulated so far. As a Learning Destination, York Elite have been invited ot this ceremony.

We are delighted to be involved with this initiative as it matches our vision for York Elite as a facility for Children to develop their confidence, their character, and their skills in a fun, safe environment with the opportunity to make new friends and gain new experiences. We encourage everyone to look at the CU Scheme on http://www.childrensuniversity.co.uk and give it a go.

For more information contact Niall McCreanor at the dojo.

We had our Annual Awards Party on Friday 11th Jan at Poppleton Community Centre and feedback from the evening has been great. Thanks to everyone who put the effort in to make it a success and special mention must go to Sarah and Maria for a fantastic buffet.

The party started with a Speed Quiz run by Alan Leach (http://www.speedquizzing.com) which was great fun bringing out York Elite's true competitive spirit. After a tense(!) four rounds of competition the quiz was won by the "Cordes Fireballs" so well done to Ben, Lynsey, Daniel and Isla (with a little help from Sensei Crowther!). After the quiz a number of certificates and awards were announced for our top karate-ka. Of the certificate winners the most pleased had to be Gary Fentiman who, against really stiff competition from the Friday night lads (bad luck Ian and Ben) won the inaugural "Men in Tights" award. "I'm so proud" said Gary afterwards........

The main event of the evening was the presentation of the top 6 awards and huge congratulations go to:

  • James McNichol - Under 12 Competitor of the Year
  • Sammi King - Under 16 Competitor of the Year
  • Fraser Grice - Over 16 Competitor of the Year
  • Gaby Sanderson - Bushido Award for Kyu Grades
  • Connor Dunckley - Bushido Award for Dan Grades
  • Sammi King - York Elite Karate-Ka of the Year

Finally Jason Crowther was named as Club Captain for 2013.

DSC 0264

A selection of photos from the party are shown below. A great evening following on from a great year for the club last year and we're looking forward more success for York Elite in 2013.

DSC 0251

DSC 0245

DSC 0255

DSC 0268

DSC 0269

DSC 0282

DSC 0281

York Elite Style...........................................

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