On Sunday 22nd March we welcomed back a regular visitor in Sensei Garry Harford, 7th Dan, for our Club Grading. Sensei Harford was his usual inspirational self with a great training session in the morning for our Senior Grades in which he focussed on basic technique executed at a high level.

Training for our Kyu Grades started at 1pm followed by an intense grading for 43 York Elite Members. Everyone performed fantastically well on the day especially our most junior grades with 5 of our white belts advancing two grades to red belt; a great achievement and recognition for all of their hard training this year.

We'd like to extend our thanks to Sensei Harford again for a great day and look forward to seeing him later in the year.

The Karate-ka who graded were: Daniel Crabtree, Evren Erimhan, Jenny Fell, Suzanne Greening, Lucy Heslop, Amina Semic, Arthur Sharpe, Mia Spall, Oliver Arnold, Linda Dawson, Clementine Ensor, Ibraheem Hadrami, Sharon Harrison, Joe Heslop, Sajid Osman, Soheil Osman, Caroline Poels, Tarik Semic, Finley Ensor, Idris Hadrami, Isabelle Marron, Esme Sharpe, Aaron Clements, Toby Holliday, Maia Leites, Jocelin Leites, Isla Cordes, Max Fentiman, Jake Buckton, Nathaniel Clements, Cai Jackson, Ben Wedge, Sophie Fowler, Mark Grayson, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner, Matthew Poels, Daniel Cordes, Joshua Dagwell, Hugh Fowler, Thomas Howell, Charlotte Lines, Attila Rejto.

Sensei Harford 01 220315

Sensei Harford 02 220315

On Sunday 14th December we had another great and innovative senior grade class from Sensei Holdsworth and Sensei Nicholson focussing on form and technique for Dan Grading. This was followed by training and grading for 45 of our Kyu Grades who all performed extremely well.

We were especially pleased that a number of our students managed to get rid of previous temporary grades achieving full passes this time around showing the progress they have made through training hard in the last few months. Keep up the good work! Special congratulations also go to Isabelle and Esme who double graded to 8th Kyu. The full results are:

9th Kyu - Oliver Arnold, Annaix Boshoff, Linda Dawson, Clementine Ensor, Ibraheem Hadrami, Sharon Harrison, Joe Heslop, Sajid Osman, Soheil Osman, Caroline Poels, Tarik Semic

8th Kyu - Finley Ensor, Idris Hadrami, Isabelle Marron, Esme Sharpe

7th Kyu - Toby Holliday, Kathryn Kerr, Henry Leites, Maia Leites, William Lightfoot

6th Kyu - Cieran Hallam, Grace Kerr, Jocelin Leites, Freddie Lightfoot, Elissia Steenson, Aasiyah Surve

4th Kyu - Jake Buckton, Nathaniel Clements, Cai Jackson, Rachel Poels

3rd Kyu - Sophie Fowler, Mark Grayson, Charlie Hutchinson, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner

2nd Kyu - Joshue Dagwell, Hugh Fowler, Thomas Howell, Attila Rejto

1st Kyu - Ellie Blundell, Dominic Dawson, John Dawson, Charlotte Lines, Constantino Odell, Eleanor Poels

DSC 0610 2

On Sunday 21st September 2014 we had another great class for a small but enthusiastic number of our Senior Grades from Sensei Garry Harford. Concentrating on basics from the Dan Grade syllabus, Sensei Harford treated us to another masterclass. For those members who missed the class, you missed a treat!

The class was followed by a training and grading for 31 of our Kyu Grades. The standard on display was excellent and Sensei McCartney made a point of congratulating everyone who graded on their attitude, focus, respect and the overall etiquette shown throughout the day saying "this is the best grading class I've seen in many years for the attitude shown".

Congratulations to the following Karateka who have progressed onto their next grade: Finley Ensor, Idris Hadrami, Toby Holliday, Maia Leites, Henry Leites, Edward Nussey-Waite, Aaron Clements, Cieran Hallam, Jocelin Leites, Freddie Lightfoot, Lorien Lightfoot, Elissia Steenson, Aasiyah Surve, Jake Buckton, Nathaniel Clements, Isla Cordes, Cai Jackson, Rachel Poels, Dave White, Sophie Fowler, Mark Grayson, Charlie Hutchinson, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner, High Fowler, Thomas Howell, Matthew Poels, Ellie Blundell, Dominic Dawson, John Dawson and Eleanor Poels.

210914 01

210914 02

On Sunday 20th July we held our annual inter club competition with Leeds Shotokan Karate Club. The competition was started in 2012 in memory of Sensei Randolph Williams 7th Dan KUGB who was the Chief Instructor at LSKC and also taught at York Elite. 

DSC 0964 copyDSC 0444 copy

We had a fantastic day's competition in Poppleton Community Centre with some great performances in both kata and kumite from seasoned and novice competitors alike. Of note were the quality of the katas in the U-16 Dan Grade category and the final of the boys kumite between Connor Dunckley and Luciano Zanini was worthy of a National Final, finally being decided after 3 rounds of extra time. The family kata was also a great category and of very high standard.

The day was not all about competition though and the atmosphere during the day and afterwards for the meal and awards was great. We'd like to thank everyone form LSKC who made the trip to York. The support from friends and family of both clubs made it a really special day.

Full results on the day were:


KATA, Age 12 and under, Novice to 4th Kyu
Winner – Megan Hodge
Second – Ellie Hodge
Third – Sophie Fowler


KATA, Age 12 and under, 4th Kyu to 1st Kyu
Winner – Amankash Roth
Second – Eleanor Poels
Third – Nick Tynan

KATA , Age 13-15, novice to 1st Kyu
Winner – Rachael McCreanor
Second – Hugh Fowler
Third – Dominic Dawson

KATA, Under 16, Dan Grades
Winner – Rosa Kerr
Second – Connor Dunckley
Third – Jacob Backhouse

Senior KATA, Kyu Grades
Winner – Nilar Than
Second – Maura Everest-Green
Third – Paul Ryman

Senior KATA, Dan Grades
Winner – Sammi King
Second – Tom Rowley
Third – Steve Riley

Family KATA
Winner – Connor and Owen Dunckley
Second – Julia and Anthony Coatesworth
Third – Charlotte and Oliver Lines

Under 14 Ippon KUMITE, Novice to 1st Kyu
Winner – Amankash Roth
Second – Megan Hodge
Third – Eleanor Poels
Third – Maia Leites

Boys KUMITE, Under 11, 
Winner – Owen Dunckley
Second – Mikey Fentiman
Third – Amankash Roth
Third – Nick Tynan

Boys KUMITE, Age 11-13
Winner – Connor Dunckley
Second – Luciano Zanini
Third – Anthony Coatesworth
Third – Jack Stapleton Smith

Boys KUMITE, Age 14-16
Winner – Jacob Backhouse
Second – Joseph Lines
Third – Hugh Fowler

Girls KUMITE, Under 11
Winner – Ellie Blundell
Second – Eleanor Poels
Third – Charlotte Lines

Girls KUMITE, Age 11-13
Winner – Julia Coatesworth
Second – Carly Pringle

Senior Female KUMITE
Winner – Sammi King
Second – Rosa Kerr
Third – Sara Aleagha
Third – Cayleigh McCartney

Senior Male KUMITE
Winner – Tom Rowley
Second – Steve Riley
Third – Paul Ryman


On Sunday 08th June 2014 we once again welcomed Sensei Frank Brennan 7th Dan KUGB to York Elite. 

DSC 0200

The day started with two classes for Senior Grades which included friends from Ronin and Red Triangle who we were delighted could join us. Sensei Brennan worked through various Kihon techniques with incredibly precise, dynamic and strong techniques focusing on speed and kime. Working with partners we then applied these techniques in variations of Jyu Ippon Kumite. Sensei Brennan finished each session with a short kata masterclass.

After a short break Sensei Brennan then held a training class for our Kyu Grades followed by a grading for 40 of our students. Sensei Brennan emphasised the need for good form and a need for students to apply themselves to study their karate in order to progress and improve.

Congratulations on successful Kyu Grade training and grading go to:

Toby Holliday, Maia Leites, Freddie Turner, Cieran Hallam, Kathryn Kerr, Henry Leites, Jocelin Leites, Freddie Lightfoot, Lorien Lightfoot, William Lightfoot, Elissia Steenson, Aasiyah Surve, Sapphire Trepel, Grace Kerr,  Ruby Mason, Gaudi Trepel, Bryn Wade, Daniel White, Jake Buckton, Cai Jackson, Dave White, Max Fentiman, Sophie Fowler, Daniel Glover, Gracie Kilner, Mason Kilner, Niamh Clements, Hugh Fowler, Thomas Howell, Jack Nelson, Ben Wedge, Ellie Blundell, Dominic Dawson, John Dawson, Eleanor Poels, Matthew Poels, Aaron Clements, Charlotte Lines, Constantino Odell and James Tattersall.

DSC 0201

Once again we were delighted to host Sensei Brennan for the day and want to extend our deep appreciation for his time and a great days training. We are already looking forward to his next visit.



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