On Saturday 21st October 2017 we had a total of 23 York Elite Karate-Ka enter the KUGB Northern Region Championships in Sunderland. It was a day of magnificent performances right across the team and we're very proud of all of our members who competed. As ever we are very grateful to the families and friends who also turned out to support everyone and enhanced the atmosphere of the day.

Notable events included the return to competition of Harry Cuddy who captained our Male Kumite Team including Connor Dunckley, Constantino Alvarez-Odell and Hugh Fowler to a superb third place narrowly losing out to Halewood in the semi-final. Kudos also to Hugh Fowler who replaced an injured Constantino in the semi-final and faced current World Champion Joe Rawcliffe in the first fight and to Connor for an awesome ushiro-geri to win his fight.

Cayleigh McCartney and Paul Mellish got bronze medals in their respective kumite events. However the stars of the day were undoubtedly Eleanor Poels, Gold Medal Winner in the Girls Kumite, and Arthur Sharpe, Gold Medal Winner in the Boys Kumite. Both Eleanor and Arthur did exceptionally well against tough opposition and maintained their form, focus and composure to emerge worthy winners. 

Well done and thanks again to everyone who made the day so enjoyable for all.

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On Saturday 30th September we held the 6th annual inter-club competition with our good friends from Leeds Shotokan Karate Club (LSKC) at our York Elite Dojo. The competition also celebrates the memory of the late Senei Randolph Williams, 6th Dan KUGB. Randy was the Chief Instructor with LSKC for many years and also taught regularly at York Elite. Randy would have been very proud of the fantastic performances from both clubs but especially with the spirit, respect and friendship on display.

As usual the event was supported by many family and friends from both clubs and we'd like tothank everyone who came and made it the event it has become. We would especially like to thank everyone who contributed to the food on the day particularly Andy Coatesworth and Sarah McCreanor for a wonderful barbeque (despite the torrential rain!) and to everyone who contributed to the mountain of sweet treats available. Special mention must be made for Linda Dawson, John Sharpe, Maria Coatesworth and Caroline Poels for helping to keep things running smoothly.

There were a number of exceptional performances from both clubs across Kata and Kumite and the full results are shown below. 

C1. Novice to 6th Kyu – 11yrs and under

  1. Kathryn Kerr
  2. Risa Mascarenhas
  3. Ronan Mascarenhas

C2. 6th Kyu to 1st Kyu – 11yrs and under

  1. Esme Sharpe
  2. Carolina Alvarez-Odell
  3. Carlos Alvarez-Odell

C3. Novice to 1st Kyu – 12-15yrs

  1. Grace Kerr
  2. Arthur Sharpe
  3. Kishan Sharma

C4. Dan Grades – Under 15yrs

  1. Owen Dunckley
  2. Matthew Coatesworth
  3. Eleanor Poels

C5. Kyu Grades – 16yrs and over

  1. John Sharpe
  2. Chris Power
  3. John Dawson

C6. Dan Grades – 15yrs and over

  1. Connor Dunckley
  2. Cayleigh McCartney
  3. Nathan Brady

C7. Family Kata

  1. Connor & Owen Dunckley
  2. Constantino & Carlos Alvarez-Odell
  3. Brian Woods & Kathryn Kerr

C8. Ippon Kumite – Under 14yrs

  1. Risa Mascarenhas
  2. Oliver Pennycook
  3. Carolina Alvarez-Odell

C9. Boys 7th Kyu & Above – 11yrs and under

  1. Billy Pinder
  2. Carlos Alvarez-Odell
  3. Ronan Mascarenhas

C10. Boys 7th Kyu & Above – 12-14yrs

  1. Sam Blundell
  2. Owen Dunckley
  3. Kishan Sharma

C11. Girls 7th Kyu & Above – 11yrs and under

  1. Eleanor Poels
  2. Esme Sharpe
  3. Risa Mascarenhas

C12. Girls 7th Kyu & Above – 12-15 yrs

  1. Miranda Ngonji
  2. Libby Vernon
  3. Eleanor Blundell

C13. Female 6th Kyu & Above – 16yrs and above

  1. Elizabeth Hardman
  2. Cayleigh McCartney
  3. Sharon Harrison

C14. Male 6th Kyu & Above – 15yrs and above

  1. Tushan Joseph
  2. Connor Dunckley
  3. James McNichol

C15. Mixed Team Kumite

  1. Nathan Brady, Elizabeth Hardman, Tushan Joseph
  2. Connor Dunckley, Cayleigh McCartney, James McNichol

Best Competitor Award:- Kishan Sharma


Today we welcomed back Sensei Garry Harford 8th Dan KUGB to York Elite. The morning class was a truly outstanding session for 1st Kyu's and Dan Grades focussing on perfecting the technical aspects of core kicking techniques (mae geri, yoko geri and mawashi geri) and hand techniques for use in kumite. Sensei Harford also covered the detail of the advanced kata Nijushiho for the Dan Grades and Bassai Dai for the 1st Kyus.

In the afternoon Sensei Harford held a training class for all kyus grades, 25 of whom (including some from our friends at Leeds Shotokan Karate Club) then took part in grading.

Congratulations to the following York Elite Club Members who were all successful in gaining their next belt:
9th Kyu - Kevyn Alvarez Odell, Carol Odell
8th Kyu - Freya Spall, Grace Waite, Eesa Shaya
6th Kyu - Leona Harvey, Sarah Salt, Carolina Odell
5th Kyu - Natalie Mellish
4th Kyu - Paul Mellish, Tommy Power, Carlos Odell, Chandler Walsh
3rd Kyu - Henry Leites
2nd Kyu - Amina Semic, Caroline Poels
1st Kyu - Linda Dawson, Sharon Harrison, Chris Power, John Sharpe, Tarik Semic
As usual we'd like to say thanks to Sensei Harford for another insprational day and we look forward to welcoming him back to York Elite in the near future.
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On Sunday 18th December we welcomed back Sensei John Holdsworth and Sensei Julie Nicholson for our last special training and grading session of the year. The Senior Grades were treated to a masterclass in Kumite technique before grading for our Kyu Grades.

We'd like to thank both our guest instructors for what was a great days training and say congratulations to the following karate-ka who all successfully passed their Kyu Grade Gradings.

9th Kyu:- Freya Spall, Eesa Shayah, Logan Stanhope, Nicholas Mouldering, Will Jettison, Leila Cairns
7th Kyu:- Sarah Salt, Leona Harvey 
6th Kyu:- Natalie Mellish, Ibraheem Hadrami
5th Kyu:- Paul Mellish, Nakeisha Espina, Clementine Ensor, Tommy Power, Chandler Walsh, Idris Hadrami
3rd Kyu:- Amina Semic, Caroline Poels 
2nd Kyu:- Tarik Semic, Linda Dawson, Sharon Harrison, Chris Power, John Sharpe 
1st Kyu:- Oliver Arnold, Arthur Sharpe, Mia Spall, Jocelyn Leites, Esme Sharpe, Grace Kerr, Rachel Poels, Matthew Poels, Isla Cordes

Junior Class copy

Senior Class copy

On Sunday 04th September we were priveledged to host KUGB Chief Instructor Sensei Andy Sherry 9th Dan for our Club Grading. Sensei Sherry started the day with a two hour masterclass for the Senior Grades sharing his extensive experience and expertise throughout the class. Through demonstrating a deep understanding of each technique, everyone agreed that Sensei Sherry took our karate, whether in kihon or advanced kata (Chinte), to a new level. 

Sensei Sherry also graded a number of our Kyu Grades who had worked hard in training over the summer holidays. Congratulations to the following:

1st Kyu – Rachel Poels
2nd Kyu – Mia Spall, Arthur Sharpe, Oliver Arnold, Toby Holliday
3rd Kyu – Linda Dawson, Sharon Harrison, Finley Ensor, John Sharpe, Chris Power
4th Kyu – Caroline Poels
6th Kyu – Matthew Bunter, Paul Mellish, Tommy Power
7th Kyu - Natalie Mellish
9th Kyu – Keira Sharp, Sarah Salt, Rob Hebditch, Alfie Hebditch, Oliver Clarkson

Many thanks to Sensei Sherry and to our friends from Leeds Shotokan Karate Academy who joined us on the day. We look forward to welcoming Sensei Sherry back to the dojo in the near future.

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